Ardinsanat Monitoring FAQ

What is Ardian Sanat monitoring system?

Is a set of software and hardware modules which are design locally to perform for environment measurement and can display on cell phones and desktops.

Who can use the Ardinsanat monitoring system?
The Ardin Sanat user friendly Monitoring software is able to communicate with all users
where and under what condition Ardinsanat monitroing system can be installed?
it can be installed in all places and points. .also the system can be used in mobile equipment .
What Numerical values​​ can be controlled in Ardinsanat monitroing system?
All and unlimited parameters can be observed in this system.
How many numerical values can be control by Ardinsanat monitroing system?
Unlimited parameters can be measured. It depends on costumer’s requirement.
Is it possible to record all values ​​be accessed and viewed as a graph?
Ardinsanat Monitoring system can records all events for various charts and graphs, to be comparable.
How can I buy Ardinsanat Monitroing System?
Ardin Sanat Monitoring system will be design configured base on the report of Technical department and costumer requirement during your company or site visit.
what is the condition for after-sales services?
Hardware and software of monitoring system include after sales services. In case of any problem or question you can contact our support team.
?Is the monitoring software system has time limits or restrictions on the number of installed software
This software is optimized according to user requirements and can be installed without any time limit.
Is it possible to use Ardin Sanat Co. Monitoring system in cell phones with different OS?
Ardin Sanat Monitoring software is presented in 2 platforms, Web Base and android O.S.
how long is the warranty of Ardinsanat monitroing system?
Hardware system with 24 months warranty and after-sales service is 10 years.
Does the system support 24-hour/7days?
it Depending on the need of customer and 24-hour support is also possible.
is the software able to alert and messege certain person in emergency situation?

Yes. In variety of ways(software and hardware) you can receive alerts and the massages .also Warnings and messages can be sent on the mobile phone and on the PC .

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