Ardin Sanat Paydar Co. as the leader in Electronic Design and Power Management and Monitoring and Control field, has been established in 2003 to coverage the lack of power supply in Iran’s market.

Now Ardin Sanat Paydar Co. is able to service for many costumers in Network, Oil and Gas, Telecom and ISP field by means of practical projects, obtained several experiences and gathering expert engineers since 2003.

Also during the years, Ardin Sanat Paydar Co. received many Awards and Qualification certificates of embassies and other government’s organizations.

Company Services

Ardinsanat Company Services:

    Consulting services in the fields of design, construction, maintenance, Electronics and telecom equipments power supply
  • Implementation, installation and commissioning of solar, wind and hybrid power systems.
  • Electronic products designing and manufacturing for specific customers and applications.
  • Utilization management, after-sales service, maintenance and repairing.
  • Human resource promotion and empowerment technical knowledge.

Human Resurce

  • Human resource(HR) planning.
  • Human resource promotion and empowerment technical knowledge.
  • support efficient Human Resource and cooperation


  • Products and services development
  • Continuity of production and service commitments
  • Increase design and production capacity
  • Compliance products and services and costumer acceptance according to standards
  • Increase usage of new technologies and expand research
  • Effective communication and continuous training and research
  • Conduct market studies to predict future market needs and proposals

Certificate And Awards

  • Technical License No. 59567/01
  • Autorized contractors certification of management and planning organization Tehran
  • Membership in Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate membership numbers:155-16
  • Patent number 3860732 and Patent number 3860371
  • Geneva Swiss inventors Championship gold medal in 2007
  • Geneva Swiss inventors Championship gold medal in 2007
  • South Korea Ministry of Science Cup
  • Engineering and technical service permission of the Ministry of Industry-society of iranian professionals
  • Standard IP55 certification boards, batteries and control in terms of resistance against dust and moisture in harsh environmental conditions

Solar/Telecom Projects

  • 4200W hybrid system-shahid abad-fars(IRANCELL)
  • 3200W solar power for telecom sites
  • 1500W hybrid system-portable telecom container(PV -diesel-UPS)
  • 5400W hybrid system-abadeh fars(IRANCELL)
  • 4200W hybrid system-chupanan-Isfahan(IRANCELL)
  • 2700W hybrid system-anarak-Isfahan(IRANCELL)
  • 2000W home scale hybrid system
  • 5500W hybrid system portable telecom container (PV-Diesel-Wind turbine)
  • 260W PV panel for tochal telecom repeater
  • 260W solar package for repeater
  • 130W photovoltaic package
  • 2100W hybrid system- portable telecom container PV-diesel-wind turbine


  • Official representative of Studer (The world's highest quality industrial power supplies)
  • Official representative of Western (manufacturer of solar lighting, solar inverters and battery chargers)
  • Motoma (UPS- DeepCycle-Gel battery manufacturer)


  • Meanwell (Industrial power converter supplier)
  • Cotek (Industrial power converter supplier)
  • Yingli (Solar Panel manufacturer)
  • SMA(solar inverters manufacturer)
  • Steca(solar converters manufacturer)
  • Epsolar (solar converters manufacturer)


    More than 65 million Yingli solar panels (representing over 15 gigawatts) have been shipped to more than 90 countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, South Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and the United States. Our dependable solar panels have been proven to perform in diverse climates and environments nearly everywhere under the sun.

    As the world confronts unprecedented energy and environmental challenges, we remain committed to our mission: to provide affordable green energy for all.

    What Makes Yingli Different?

    Technology for a Lifetime

    Long-term product reliability and performance are essential to a solar project's success. Yinlgi Solar company focused on delivering solar panels with the highest-possible product lifetime value. Based on years of advanced research and iterative improvements, Yingli Solar panels are designed, built and proven to perform anywhere under the sun.

    Global Sophisticatione

    Yingli Solar experienced global teams have helped a range of industry partners, including developers, EPCs, distributors and solar system integrators, to bring gigawatts of solar projects to life. they understand what it takes to succeed in the global energy industry and provide the local knowledge and global sophistication that costumer expect to make your company's solar project a success.

    Here is a list of Yingli Branches all over the world:
  • Mexico
  • South America
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Southern Africa
  • Central America, Caribbean & Colombia
  • Americas


Studer Swiss made power

Innovation and reliability

Studer Innotec is a Swiss company, working in line with the Swiss culture of innovation, quality and reliability. Our team is fully committed to these values, which are also our promises. And only the one who makes a promise can keep it. Therefore our products are developed, manufactured and tested in our facility in Sion, in the middle of the Alps. Our inverters, inverter/chargers and MPPT solar charge controllers are all made in Switzerland. In fact, the Swiss quality require full control of the development and the manufacturing process until the final testing of every single product before dispatching. This is what brings the product reliability that we are known for, and proud of.

Return on investment

Studer products are designed to be reliable, have a long lifetime and to provide peace of mind. They come with a 5-year warranty and can be expected to work as good as the first day for much longer than that. And, the longer the product lifetime the better the ROI.

Experience and sustainability

Studer Innotec, like its products, has already a long life time being founded nearly 30 years, committed exclusively to power conversion products for the off grid market. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of products in operation all around the world. Their users can rely not only on the products but also on our reliable presence and after sales support over time. Studer Innotec is a family driven company which ensures that our products will meet and exceed needs of the sustainable markets of tomorrow.