Ardinsanat Monitoring System

What's the Ardinsanat Monitoring System?

Telecom and Internet service providers, UPS Customers and Hospitals, militaries, are looking for to remote power management and monitoring systems.

Ardin Sanat Paydar Co. by designing a comprehensive modular monitoring system, is able to furnish all requirements for costumers to control, monitor and energy flow management in all kind of power systems.

    Monitoring software subsets :

    • Power Monitoring for all power equipment
    • Monitoring for battery storage and UPS
    • Environmental Monitoring for power rooms
    • Control system for ISP and Data centres

    Benefits of Ardinsanat Monitoring System

    • Completely scalable due to component modularity
    • realtime reporting for monitoring current status of devices
    • Remote access and autority to control devices
    • Monitoring the status of important and sensitive equipment as well as ensuring the accuracy of their performance
    • Accessible Data log
    • Compatible with all kind of power systems
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