The batteries are used to store electricity and various models for use in various devices and systems used

The batteries are used to store electricity and various models for use in various devices and systems used

battery systems and solar systems are grouped into four broad groups:

  • Syldasyd batteries (Sealed Acid)
  • Lydasyd batteries (Lead Acid)
  • Batteries AGM
  • gel batteries

    What is the solar panel? Batteries Sealed Acid:

    The next generation of batteries with dry batteries or known Atvmyk .mr longer battery type is useful because it allows hydrogen losses and get out of there.

    Battery Lead Acid:

    The more batteries or the battery lead is called within the liquid electrolyte is filled.

    Battery AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat):

    In this type of battery, adding a sheet of glass into lead levels, lead corrosion is minimized. That's why batteries have a longer life than the previous two generations.

    gel battery (Gel):

    In this type of battery is semi-solid material capable of easy transport without reducing the efficiency of battery creates. This type of telecommunications equipment and batteries as well as batteries for portable applications.

    The depth of discharge DOD (Depth of Decharge) Normally capacity of the batteries with the amps weigh over one hour and the unit ampere hours (Ah) can be By drawing current from the battery, charge it less and less. Calculate the depth of battery discharge

    As in the example above referred to, when the battery 10 amps per hour, the equivalent of 5 amps drawn, after an hour, about 50% of the battery charge is depleted if the stop the discharge process is called depth of discharge DOD is equal to 50 per cent. Also, each battery has a number of charge cycles is permitted to increase the number of charge and discharge its lifetime low, after reaching charge cycles permitted, the quality of work that has come down and is no longer possible to use all the capacity used.

    solar panel battery charging depth

    In Iran, battery, solar panel sealed acid or lead-sealed acid is chosen and is typically recommended to the depth of discharge of up to 50 to 60 percent, in which case, the battery life of about 2 to end 3 years is

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